Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do you charge, and how would I pay for your services?

We do not charge an hourly rate for our cleaners' time spent at your home. Instead we charge a fixed fee for each cleaning visit. We charge a fixed fee rather than an hourly rate primarily for simplicity, but also because our fee must be sufficient to cover our cleaners' travel time and fuel costs.  

We would normally expect payment to be made promptly following each attendance at your home. Our preferred payment method is by online bank transfer, although we also accept payment in cash or by cheque.

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2. What would happen if my cleaning day falls on a bank holiday?

In these circumstances we would contact you to make alternative arrangements at least two working days before we are due to attend. 

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3. I am often at work during the day. Does this cause an issue?

No, not at all, many of our clients are at work when we call. We would, of course, need you to provide a spare key and any other information we will need to gain entry to your home, for example, a code to deactivate an alarm. Your key would be held overnight in a locked safe at our office premises. 

In the unlikely event that your key is lost, then we would contact you and pay for a replacement. Your key would not disclose your name or address.

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4. What if I need to cancel my clean for some reason?

We understand that many people have busy lifestyles and may need to cancel their scheduled clean. If insufficient notice is given, this can cause us considerable inconvenience however. We therefore ask that you give at least one working day's notice of cancellation, otherwise we reserve the right to charge our normal fee.

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5. Can I specify a particular time that your cleaners should arrive?

Yes, although it can be very difficult to provide an absolute undertaking that we will regularly arrive at your home at a specific time. This is due to circumstances beyond our control such as traffic, weather conditions, other cleaning appointments taking longer than expected, etc. 

However, we will certainly use our best endeavours to arrive at the appointed time. If we are running particularly late, we would certainly call you to make you aware of our predicament. This should be a very rare occurrence. 

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6. Will I always have the same cleaners?

It is clearly very important for our customers' peace of mind that they know who will be visiting their home and when. We therefore make it our priority to to ensure that the same cleaners attend at your home on each and every visit. Please note that all of our background-checked cleaners are professional, uniformed, fully trained and covered by our public liability insurance. 

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7. What about my pet?

If you have a pet, such as a cat or dog, then we should be grateful if you would advise during our initial consultation if they are likely to become aggressive or scared in certain situations, and any special instructions that we should follow, for example, making sure windows and doors are kept closed or only vacuuming a particular place once they have been moved to another room. 

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8. What is included in a standard clean?

Every home is different, and so are our customers' priorities. For this reason, we do not have a standard cleaning package as such, although of course, certain tasks invariably apply to most households, such as vacuuming floors. Your bespoke cleaning plan would be agreed with you during our initial consultation. This would then be recorded in a job sheet, which the cleaners would refer to when they attend.

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9. Do you provide all of your own cleaning equipment and products?

Yes, our cleaners would arrive at your home with vacuums, mops, dusters, cloths etc and a complete range of cleaning products too. 

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10. What if one of your cleaners break or damage something?

Accidents do sometimes happen, but in the unlikely event that one of our cleaners cause any loss or damage to any furnishings or other items in your home, then we would, of course, offer to compensate you accordingly. As you would expect, we are fully insured for such things. Any wear and tear as a result of normal cleaning would not be covered however. 

We appreciate that some items are of sentimental value, and therefore it might be more appropriate for us to arrange a repair instead.

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11. What if I wish to make a complaint?

Naturally, we we would hope that you never have cause to make a complaint, however, human error does sometimes mean that things are inadvertently overlooked. In these circumstances, we would prefer you to bring the matter to our attention so that we can put things right as soon as possible, rather than simply ignore it. 

Any complaints should generally be made to our management rather than directly to our cleaners by either calling Andrew Crowe or Cina Yates on 01527 351510, or emailing us with full details of your grievance. All complaints are taken very seriously and will be properly investigated and considered.

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12. Can you provide a commercial cleaning service too?

If you would like us to assist with commercial cleaning, for example, you run your own business and have separate office premises, then this work would be undertaken by our associated company, My Clean Business. 

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13. Can you also clean my carpets, oven and upholstery?

Yes, we can usually incorporate such tasks in our general cleaning and housekeeping work, although we would generally charge an additional fee for this service. 

It is important you understand that we are unlikely to be able to undertake such work to the same standard as a specialist, who may have industrial cleaning equipment at his disposal, and possess much more knowledge and experience in such matters.

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14. What cleaning products do you use?

Wherever possible, we use eco-friendly cleaning products and, unless absolutely necessary, avoid using bleach. If you have any surfaces that require a specific cleaning product or technique, please let us know in good time before our we are due to attend so that we have sufficient opportunity to advise our cleaners accordingly.

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15. Can you reassure me about the security of my home?

We appreciate that many of our customers may (at least initially) feel slightly uncomfortable letting strangers into their home to clean, particularly if you are likely to be at work when they call. To address this concern and put your mind at rest, we have put in place certain measures and procedures.

Please be assured that all of our cleaners have been very carefully interviewed in person and background checked under the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). All of our staff are directly employed by us, and we would not under any circumstances engage agency workers to assist us, for example, during the busy spring season. 

We would strive to send the same cleaners to your home on each visit, and contact you if this was not possible to make alternative arrangements (for example, due to illness). Any spare key that you put in our possession would be securely held overnight in our office safe. 

As soon as our cleaners' work is completed, they would leave your home securely, ensuring all windows and the front door are locked, and if applicable, activate any alarm in accordance with your instructions.

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16. Do I have to do anything before the cleaners arrive?

No, not really. If your house is reasonably tidy, then this will mean we can spend more time actually cleaning. The most important thing is that all of the rooms that you would like us to clean are open and accessible.  

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17. How do you background check your cleaners?

All of our staff have been background-checked under the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) as part of our recruitment process. Under no circumstances would we employ a person whose DBS check discloses any unspent convictions or conditional cautions. More information can be found here.

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18. How will the cleaners behave in my home?

All of our professional cleaners have been instructed to clean your home with minimal intrusion. They will not under circumstances use any of your kitchen appliances, bathroom or other facilities, nor will they eat or drink in your home. 

We have trained our domestic cleaners to assume that every property they attend has secret cameras installed, and that their every move is being closely monitored and recorded. 

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